Love Alert.


Love, positivity, and good vibes,

from us to you via push notifications!

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The world today has become increasingly negative, mostly for reasons out of our control. To tackle the same, we decided to do our bit for the society drowning in this sea of bad news and leveraged our skillset to build an app. And so, Love Alert was born.


Love Alert is a simple mobile application that sends across, love, positivity and good vibes from us to you via push notifications. An app that serves as a motivational tool that can ease one’s mind


A daily dose of motivation that helps not only to have a brighter outlook on ones own life but spread positive energy around others


How does it work?

Step 1:

Download Love Alert.

The very first step is to click on the relevant button below and download our app. 


Step 2:


Allow notifications and location for us to give you the best Love Alert experience.

Step 3:

An Array of Happiness

You can scroll through a catalogue of positivity which was being populated while you were discovering us.

Step 4:

Spread Love

You can share the love with your loved ones across all social media platforms​.


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